Monday, June 29, 2009

web site updated

We made it to the end of tweaking the DDA web site and have new projects shaping up very nicely, a good day! Not sure if you just stumbled across this blog or came here via my web site, either way while I have your attention my web site has been updated. We have spent quite a bit of time getting the site to look and function the way it does now, even a little sci-fi look with the green back grounds! Many thanks to Mark Cooper for all his efforts with re-building my web site and James Stati for the new project images. I Hope you find it easy and quick to navigate, any comments please send them thru. The web site will remain the archive, static information while I aim to make time to keep this blog up to date and keep all posted with our work and thoughts. I should add that it hasn’t all been work, I have just returned from a great surf trip to north Sumatra – that’s me below in R & R mode (photo by Shane Peel).

falling water

Really neat animation of the iconic Falling Water.

bali accommodation

I was checking a few old photo files and noticed a couple of snaps I took last year of the place we stayed at in Bali. Sentosa Private Villas & Spa - very neat place, well worth checking out if you are looking for good accommodation in Bali.